Jason Brogan


I work primarily with music, sound, and auditory figures across various disciplines and modes of presentation. At present, I'm Director of the Algorave studio at Parsons School of Design and Founder of Belldog, a creative sound and music studio for emerging media platforms. I've collaborated with Arika, Dedalus, Either/Or Ensemble, Julia Holter, Andrew Lafkas, Catherine Lamb, Alvin Lucier, Michael Pisaro, S.E.M. Ensemble, Sam Sfirri, Mark So, and Manfred Werder, among others.

MFA, Design and Technology, Parsons School of Design
Graduate Certificate, "Media between Data and Experience", Cornell University
MA, Music, Wesleyan University

Interests include algorave, ambient music, artificial intelligence, Detroit Techno, emerging technologies, Fourth World music, listening, machine learning, musique concrète, post-continental thought, post-planetary design, sonic fiction, speculative design, systems thinking, and ubiquitous computing.

jkbrogan [at] gmail.com


Brooklyn, New York

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